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City centre shopfront challenge for the King's Coronation

Next month's Coronation of King Charles III will be a moment of history for the UK.

Today the BID launches a shopfront challenge for all businesses in Newport city centre. Can your shopfront be the best-decorated in the city centre for the Coronation?

There are no rules to the challenge for the period running up to the weekend of May 6-8. You can dress your shopfront in any way you choose, providing there is a Coronation theme.

And the shopfront chosen as the best-decorated by the BID's judges will win a £100 Newport Now gift card.

The winning shopfront can choose whether they want to give the gift card to a customer, staff or use it as a competition or raffle prize.

Remember, our gift cards can only be spent with participating businesses in Newport city centre. You can register to accept the card by clicking here.

Your shopfront display could last longer than the Coronation as Newport will be the Wales host city for National Armed Forces Day on June 24, when thousands will be in the city centre to watch military displays, a huge parade, and a flypast by the legendary Red Arrows. More information here.

If you're planning on taking part in our shopfront challenge for the King's Coronation, please email so we can make sure our judging team visits your business on Friday, May 5.

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