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Road closure for Christmas event

This year's Countdown to Christmas event - featuring music, celebrity guests, fairground rides and fireworks - takes place on Saturday, November 19, from 3pm to 5.15pm.

The event is organised by Newport Now BID, Newport City Council, Friars Walk and Newport City Radio.

The event will necessitate a temporary additional road closure for the set-up and de-rigging of staging and for the safety of visitors. This will be as follows:

Saturday November 19th

Charles Street (between Talbot Lane and Commercial Street) will be closed to all vehicles from 6am until 10am. The usual daily road closure then comes into effect from 10am.

Please do not park vehicles in this area during the closure times. If you have deliveries during the closure times, can you please ensure that alternate arrangements are made; or that deliveries are completed prior to the closure starting.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused, but the safety of visitors to the event is paramount. If you have any queries regarding the closure, please do not hesitate to contact me on: or 07824 472543.

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