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Sign up for the Newport gift card

Does your business accept the Newport Now gift card?

Our gift cards can only be spent with participating businesses in the city centre - keeping the Newport pound in Newport.

Newport is one of more than 200 cities and towns across the UK to run a gift card scheme.

Currently, around 50 businesses in the Newport Now BID area accept the gift card, ranging from national brands like Primark and Boots UK to independents like the the Carpenters pub and Gallery 57. This brings thousands of pounds of extra spend into the city centre every year.

Remember - the gift card can only be spent in the city centre. For example, it can be spent at Boots on Commercial Street but not at any other Boots branch.

But imagine how much more money could be spent in Newport city centre if we doubled or even tripled the number of shops, pubs, restaurants and coffee shops accepting the card?

There is no additional cost to your business in taking the gift card. The Newport Now gift card is a prepaid Mastercard which can be spent at registered businesses only. Both national brands and independent businesses can easily accept our gift cards with no additional equipment required.

Signing up to accept the card couldn't be simpler. Just click here and follow the instructions.

If something isn't working for you when you try to sign up online, just contact our manager Kevin Ward - and we'll come to you to help.

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